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Maggie Sawkins

Brian Coyle Maggie is a highly experienced trainer in the personal development arena. In the course of her training sessions Maggie will use coaching skills; reflective listening; conscious involvement of participants; humour; accessibility - an extensive range of case experiences to draw on. She brings a light touch and an imaginative approach which engages participants. Maggie is an energised professional who delivers exciting and original work. She takes care to determine her clients' real needs and makes every effort to meet these in the work she does for them.

Maggie has many strengths as a trainer: she has insight into the challenges of the workplace, both as a mediator, and trainer with the experiences that participants share and has her own experience of stress in the workplace. This personal experience ensures empathy and insight in delivering material on stress and change management and the part that personal resilience plays in both.

With considerable experience in the conflict field Maggie is also a highly skilled mediator and has delivered courses including: Certificate in Mediation Skills, Conflict Management for Managers, Stress Management, Managing Difficult Conversations,

Alongside this work she has delivered 150+ impactful yet lighthearted workshops for adults and young people in overcoming challenges in public speaking. She coaches individuals and groups in developing the ability to speak well in situations that will aid their development, work progression or business. She also coaches for weddings and event speaking, and has appeared on BBC Breakfast as a speaking expert.

With a background in education (teaching art & design in schools and Higher Education) and in Learning & Development in both public and private sectors, she builds rapport easily and is comfortable with relationships at all levels.

Training clients include: Beachcroft (Law), Citigroup, CPS, N Glamorgan NHS Trust, Anchor Trust, London Probation, HM Immigration & Nationality, HM Prison Service, Metropolitan Police, Macmillan Cancer Support, A4e, and The Woodland Trust.