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Libby Copeland

Coach / Facilitator / Trainer
Enid Moulder "A Coach and Trainer who energises and inspires others and facilitates their development and personal growth, I have an empathetic and person centred approach to my work, which ensures clients have the confidence to explore and find the inspiration within, to make decisions and choices that are right for them.”

Libby’s work revolves around the essential skills of communication, interpersonal understanding and personal development, whether this is concerned with individual performance and development, management of others or the progress and development of an organization. Libby knows that in order to use our talents, skills and knowledge as effectively as possible we need a fundamental belief in ourselves and to feel confident that we can succeed.

Continually seeking to learn and develop Libby has qualifications in Coaching, Management, Occupational and Organisational Stress Management and Counselling and often attends learning events and workshops to discover other models to use in her work, such as Non Violent Communication, NLP, Image Work Therapy to name but a few. She is a member of the Association for Coaching, the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and the CIPD.

Areas of Expertise
  • Coaching in areas of personal development, motivating and inspiring people to achieve their potential, gain confidence and to develop and plan for their continued success.
  • Senior management facilitation, with particular focus on effective communication and the implementation of change
  • Delivery of training programmes in the often sensitive and complex areas of: working with dignity, managing and working under pressure and bullying and harassment
  • Management and leadership development through coaching and facilitation to meet specific needs of the individuals and the organisation