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More about Diversity with Dignity

The core of this approach is very simple. Every single human being, regardless of difference, wishes to be treated with courtesy and consideration. We demonstrate courtesy and consideration through our behaviour and the language we use. Whether consciously or subconsciously we choose how we behave and speak to others and therefore every individual is capable of choosing to behave towards others with courtesy and consideration.

Our workshops are highly interactive, stimulating and challenging, but also fun. Using a wide range of learning methods to ensure every learning style is supported, our trainers have the depth of knowledge and skills to be able to sensitively question participants’ assumptions, judgments and attitudes. They also have a wide range of other models, tools and techniques that they can bring into the learning arena to meet the needs of groups which may differ greatly in their grasp of the subject matter.

As part of the Harmony Partnership tailoring process we can develop Key Points based on your objectives for each module. Key Points are included within the training materials and ensure the key messages you wish participants to receive are clearly identified; they also help ensure consistency for larger roll-outs.

Examples of Key Points include,
  • We do not have to like or respect someone to treat them with courtesy and consideration;
  • Every single person in the organisation needs to take responsibility for their choice of behaviour and language;
  • Sensitive performance management is a right and a mutual responsibility;
  • Every employee has a duty to speak up if they believe they are experiencing or witnessing inappropriate behaviour, before it becomes a formal grievance;
  • Employers cannot require an employee to change their values or beliefs; they can however require them to change inappropriate behaviour.
Many of the models and skills from the Diversity With Dignity workshops are highly transferable, and managers in particular can use these in a variety of situations. For example, managing appraisals, performance and absence management, and in reinforcing a coaching style of management.