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More about Our Coaching and Coaching Skills Services

Situational Leadership and Personal Coaching

This form of coaching offers your managers an excellent opportunity to develop their self awareness, people skills and overall effectiveness by unlocking their untapped potential and improving personal motivation.

The manager benefits from the external perspective and challenging thinking that a Harmony Partnership coach provides, encouraging them to discover new perspectives and greater clarity for key areas such as problem solving, making values driven decisions, resolving conflict, and managing difference.

Leadership Coaching

We hear often about the crisis in leadership during these times of uncertainty. Today's pace of change calls for leaders who are authentic, resilient and able to handle multiple, conflicting demands.

Our experience shows the benefit of confidential, well-structured coaching to explore strategy and action, but also to support personal development. Leaders today need to raise their game to handle complexity and to do so without many of the familiar trapping of authority, particularly in flatter organisations. How to be decisive, yet inclusive? Able to handle complex pressures, yet ready to communicate clearly and accessibly?

These are the kinds of leadership challenges we can support, drawing on our team of coaches chosen for their skills, depth of experience and their high integrity.

Team Coaching

Team coaching provides benefits for team members but has the additional added-value of more effective team interactions and collaboration.

Whether using MBTI as an introduction to team coaching, or agreeing team objectives and expectations at an initial team meeting, coaching can be part of a series of motivational interventions bringing a team together and encouraging improved communication, mutual understanding and more effective decision making.

Combination Coaching/Coaching Skills Workshop

In combination with the one to one personal experience of coaching the Harmony Partnership also offers the opportunity for managers to develop coaching skills through our Institute of Leadership and Management endorsed Coaching Skills Workshop. This endorsed programme includes,
  • three coaching sessions prior to the workshop, so the participants actively experience being coached
  • a one day workshop
  • two supervision coaching sessions for support subsequent to the workshop.
Using this interactive and participative process we enable participants to coach others, significantly increasing the prospect of improved individual and team performance, and business success. Upon completion of this programme participants are able to apply to the Institute of Leadership and Management for the higher level 'Endorsed Award' demonstrating competence in coaching skills. We also deliver Coaching Skills workshops with other formats, but these would not be ILM endorsed.

Training and Supervision for Internal Coaches

There has been a move in recent years towards establishing internal teams of coaches. This promises some cost-savings and also means the coaches possess insight into your specific culture from the outset.

We bring our extensive experience of developing, supporting and supervising coaches alongside your coach team, giving you the 'best of both worlds'. You have a retained team that continues to build organisational knowledge and you have a confidential, external eye on the team, bringing wider perspective and continuing best practice insights.

We offer intensive development for your coach team upfront and a programme of top-up skills and development sessions by way of group and individual supervision.

Additional Coaching Services

We also offer coaching for other situations, for example performance coaching, perhaps where there are concerns about diversity related situations or other potentially career-limiting behaviour and career coaching whether this is for internal promotion or following redundancy.

Training and Supervision for Internal Mentors

There has been much discussion about the difference between mentoring and coaching, however coaching is most often viewed as occurring 'on the current job' with the coach being knowledgeable about that role and the immediate context/environment; whereas internal mentors are often viewed as more 'forward' thinking, with wider view and experience of the company, able to open doors and advise on future development opportunities.

We offer a training and supervision for internal mentors, and support with implementing new schemes to the organisation.

We also have a select group of very experienced executive mentors if your senior people need additional external input, for example with mergers, acquisitions, or new international markets.