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Information about Conflict Audits

A Conflict Audit will allow senior managers, HR professionals and those directly involved to step back and gain a wider perspective which is likely to be more objective, impartial and accurate. Our neutral assessors have experience in conflict situations, involving for example allegations of inappropriate behaviour, mismanagement, bullying, harassment, team dysfunction and other sensitive areas. We provide an experienced, qualified workplace dispute resolution expert to liaise with you. They will wish to involve key people who are affected by the situation, and who can play a significant part in its resolution.

The four elements to the process are

  1. Assessment; a collection of private discussions with key parties

  2. Reflection; confidential and neutral environment for participants to share their concerns and suggest solutions

  3. Neutral and impartial reporting; non-blaming, anonymous feedback with recommendations to the organisation

  4. Debriefing with key contributors

Client » Private Sector - Industry

Issue; A dysfunctional team experiencing poor communication between each other, a belligerent and mistrusting culture with a high proportion of gossip and bad feeling

Intervention; Confidential meetings were held with eight individuals providing them all with enough space and time to express their thoughts, feelings and views about their working environment, the issues which were important to them and who they saw their and the team's future with and without changes.

Outcome: The individuals felt they had made a contribution to the improvement of the team by being listened to. The organisation avoided a formal complaint being lodged and a costly investigation. Organisational changes were actioned and improvements to communication and internal process were agreed and implemented.