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Our 'Working in Partnership'approach

Understanding your requirements is essential if we are to provide the level of success that you wish to achieve. We suggest a Working in Partnership approach outlined below; however should you prefer a different way of working we are always willing to be flexible. Typically, we would:
  • Gain a detailed understanding of your requirements, seeking to best understand your organisational culture, and the wider issues as well as the current need before developing an intervention with you. This can be by telephone, email and/or meetings, whatever suits you best, although our preference is always to meet with you before sending a detailed proposal.
  • Agree core learning and development objectives with you, together with timescales for delivery.
  • Send you an outline proposal, with an initial response to your request, for example solutions for achieving your objectives or a draft workshop outline. This proposal will typically include some options, recommendations, explanations, plus details of our fees, and any other potential costs.
  • Should you decide to go ahead with the Harmony Partnership we would meet with you, to introduce you to your Associate Partner and to allow them to understand your business better. At this stage, final details of the proposal would also be discussed and agreed.
  • For training programmes we typically use pre-workshop questionnaires to help us understand the individual participant's needs, and to obtain specific examples on which to base anonymised case studies and experiential learning.
  • Develop your preferred solution and agree this with you.
  • Provide you with feedback from the participants, and we will also ask you for your feedback on our service to you.
In this way, The Harmony Partnership is able to ensure you are fully engaged at all stages of the learning and development process, and that we are delivering a service which exactly meets your requirements.