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What is Diversity, Dignity and Inclusion?

Every society is made up of diverse groups of people – with differing backgrounds, values, aims, and perspectives. Within each group every individual will view situations - and respond to them - in their own way according to their own particular needs, beliefs, values and interests.

Recognising and valuing these differing perspectives, and treating people with courtesy and consideration, regardless of what makes them different, are some of the behaviours which demonstrate we are working with dignity.

As part of the organisational culture these positive behaviours ensure every individual's inclusion and active involvement in the workplace, encouraging employee motivation which results in a more positive contribution to the success of your business and substantially reduces behavioural risk.

Wishing to increase the profile of Equality and Diversity in your organisation?

Are you,
  • Concerned about how to bring diversity alive in your organisation?
  • Wishing to see employees at every level engage in the diversity message?
  • Disappointed that employees aren’t more committed to the Company values?
  • Hoping that bullying and harassment and consequential grievances will reduce?
  • Worried about diversity related employment tribunal claims?
  • Seeking to identify and reduce the behavioural risk in your organisation?

Bring Your Diversity Policy Alive!

Would you like to see,
  • Employees better able to recognise and value each others differences?
  • More courtesy and consideration in the workplace?
  • Employees taking responsibility for their own behaviour?
  • Employees sensitively challenging inappropriate behaviour, before even making an informal grievance?
  • Managers taking a pro-active, coaching approach to diversity issues?
  • Internal volunteer coaches responding to employee concerns about bullying and harassment?

Our Experience

The Harmony Partnership supports organisations to manage diversity and difference more effectively, whether through training, coaching, mediation or focus group work. In delivering equality and diversity related workshops, we take a behavioural approach, which actively involves every participant in challenging, stimulating, and thought provoking activities.

We have delivered such workshops in a wide range of organisations, both public and private sector, and across Europe. The feedback has always been highly positive describing changes in perception and commitment, and demonstrating the broader appreciation and support for diversity that the Harmony Associates generate. Read More about Diversity with Dignity.

Tailored to Meet your Needs

All our workshops are tailored to the focus you require, whether that is to reinforce your organisation's values, to support the introduction of an internal volunteer group to combat bullying and harassment, or to promote your new company policy whether or not that is Equality, Diversity, or Dignity driven. (Interested in discussing the difference? Just call us.)

Click to view a sample programme outline of a Managing Differences Differently workshop we have recently delivered.

For more ideas to support a culture of Diversity With Dignity contact us now on 07977 530968, email or use Contact Us