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Conflict Resolution Services

Managing Differences Differently

‘Managing Differences Differently’ raises awareness of the causes of inappropriate behaviour and challenges our perceptions and assumptions about the behaviour of others.

It also provides tools and techniques for identifying motives, developing calming responses and encouraging constructive dialogue.

After the Harmony workshop managers are more likely to tackle conflict early on, before the parties have taken entrenched positions, with the result that conflict is more likely to be resolved without a formal grievance.

Small Team Interventions - Discussing the Undiscussable

There are times when the ‘elephant in the room’ reaches such proportions that team effective is compromised, particularly in small team situations where people often appear to be unwilling or unable to address the underlying issue.

‘Discussing the Undiscussable’ is a non-threatening, facilitated process which enables the team to identify the damaging strategies and defensive behaviours that allow the ‘elephant’ to flourish.

This intervention supports teams to work through the issues, without blame or finger pointing. As the team works through the process they also find solutions and develop the strategies to disable the ‘elephant’. As a result team members are more likely to be committed to the resulting action plan.

Mediation - Process and Skills Training

Managers wishing to support team members resolve their disputes are often expected to take sides or find themselves ‘sucked in’ by the parties in the conflict. Mediation training enables managers to,
  • use a tried and tested process for conflict resolution;
  • remain outside the conflict;
  • be seen as the 'honest broker'.
  • empower the parties in conflict to develop mutually acceptable solutions
Sometimes an organisation’s internal mediators will not have the skills or experience necessary to manage a conflict situation. Also a neutral external provider may be more appropriate, if, for example, the parties are at a senior level.

In such situations the Harmony Partnership can offer you the services of highly skilled mediators, all of whom have many years experience working in a wide range of organisations, both public and private sector.