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Coaching, Coaching Skills Development And Mentors

The Challenge

When the pressure is on, it's vital to know whether your managers' performance match up to the demands. If it does, how do you motivate them to prepare for the next challenge? If it doesn't, what can you do to improve and progress their skills and awareness? And once you've managed that change, how should you continue to support their personal development?

And how do you ensure key teams are working at their best, collaborating rather than simply compromising or even consciously or unconsciously under mining the team effort?

The Solution

Coaching is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective and motivational ways of driving progress and realising potential for individuals, teams and organisations.

The Harmony Partnership offers the best in powerful, professional coaching services to revitalise and inspire. Whether individual or team coaching we tailor practical, results-driven solutions for a wide range of challenges. Subjects may include:
  • creating success
  • tackling time management
  • defeating self-limiting beliefs
  • diversity awareness
  • better decision-making
  • appraising performance
  • beating the barriers to progress
  • confident communication
  • developing assertion skills
  • Mindfulness Means Business
  • handling criticism
  • career review
Learn more about the Harmony Coaching Services or call us now on 07977 530968 to discover how The Harmony Partnership can deliver individual and team coaching solutions that will boost your bottom line, email or use Contact Us